New Product: The Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier
June 23, 2014

After months of research, prototyping, tweaking and testing, I'm extremely excited to finally be ready to introduce Hooby Groovy's latest design: The Hooby Groovy Kitten Carrier

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Bespoke Creations: BMO 3DS XL Case
June 12, 2014

The same customer that requested the Jake and Rainicorn A4 Compendium also asked for a BMO case for her Nintendo 3DS XL. 

Check out my bespoke BMO case after the jump...


Illustration: Elsa from Frozen
June 06, 2014

I told my oldest sister that I wanted to make a picture and asked her what I should draw and she replied with "Olaf, Elsa and Anna". 

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Bespoke Creation: Rainicorn and Jake A4 Compendium
May 30, 2014

I was pretty excited when I received a request for an A4 compendium based on Adventure Time's Jake and Rainicorn. I love Adventure Time, it's so quirky and funny.

Check out my Adventure Time building this creation after the jump...