Illustrations: A Thank You Sketch for the Housekeeping Staff at Park Hyatt Melbourne

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My husband celebrated his birthday this past weekend. For his birthday, I booked us a night at the Park Hyatt Melbourne so we could have a lovely relaxing day away from home and in wonderful cosy luxury. I even booked us a table at the Radii Restaurant at the hotel so that we could be super lazy and not bother leaving the hotel. 

Every time I stay at a hotel, I like to do a quick drawing on the hotel stationary on the morning of check out and leave it for the house-keeping staff. I like to think that it might brighten up the day for the house-keeping staff cleaning up our room after we leave. Though they're probably too busy to notice and just chuck it into the bin straight away. :)

Here's the sketch I did this time around for the house-keeping staff at the Park Hyatt Melbourne:

Sketch by Hooby Groovy


My thought for this drawing was me and hubby setting off on adventures, preferably ones filled with funny, cute animals. :) Unfortunately because I'm such a non-morning person, I had to rush a fair bit through this one. I would've liked to have inked it up better and add way more funny creatures. Stupid comfy hotel bed with their billions of pillows, making it hard for me to wake up! :p

Anyway, that's my little hotel ritual. :) Do you have any rituals that you do when staying at a hotel or anywhere away from home?



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