Illustration: Don & Friends in Watercolour

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A good friend of mine recently celebrated his birthday and I decided to make a drawing for him as a present. He's a massive Nintendo fan so I thought it'd be nice to draw a sort of family portrait of him, his wife and a few Nintendo characters. Here's how it turned out:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

Paper: Canson 185gsm Watercolour Paper

Pen: Kuretake Zig Memory System Millenium .005mm Marker

Watercolours: Pentel Water Colors

I bought some watercolours a few years back but never really ended up playing around with them at that time. I suddenly remembered them a couple of weeks ago and decided on a spur of the moment that I was going to dig them up and explore the world of water colours. So its still a very new medium for me and I'm not too brave with it but I'm finding it a very fun medium in that its got a fair bit of unpredictability about it (probably 99% due to my noobness I'm sure). 

Here's a scan of the piece:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

We always tease my friend about how all the cars he drives has lots of 8s in their number plates and we were just talking about cars recently so I thought it'd be fun to draw him in a car with the luckiest of lucky number plates: eight 8's. The number 8 is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture. :) My husband suggested to draw in tennis rackets because we knew that my friend and his wife played tennis a fair bit and I thought that would be a silly, funny thing to add, hence the tennis rackets. And the rest of it was just selecting which Nintendo characters to include and arranging them. I initially wanted Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong. But after a few draft sketches, I wasn't too happy with the arrangement of the characters and decided to axe Yoshi, Bowser and Donkey Kong in favour of smaller and /or flying characters. 

I got a simple, bright red frame for the drawing:

Bespoke Nintendo Illustration by Hooby Groovy

I had a lot of fun creating this and as with everything I create, there was a great deal of learning to be had from this experience. :)


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