I'm A Kitty Mama!

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A couple of weeks ago, we rescued 2 kittens from under my mother-in-law's house. At first we thought that maybe their mum was still feeding them as their meows sounded quite strong. However, 5 days after discovering them, their meows were getting gradually weaker and when I checked in on them, it looked as if they had not moved at all since the night before. I got really worried and decided it was time to get them out. My brother-in-law and his fiancee came over to help with getting the kittens out. It was quite difficult as our only access was a tiny little air vent but luckily, they were lying close enough to the air vent that we could just reach them. 

We took them to the vet as soon as they were out. The vet told us that both kittens were male and about 2-3 weeks old. We also learnt that they would need to be bottle fed every couple of hours with kitten formula. So we set about learning all we could about hand rearing kittens and set up a schedule to share the fostering.

The first week was really scary! The smaller little black kitten was really weak and really stubborn about eating. A few days after rescuing them, he was just not responding to anything we did, he was really sluggish and his head would just flop around and when we set him on the ground, he just collapsed onto his side. We made a vet appointment right away, she gave him a dose of antibiotics and fluids under the skin as he was pretty dehydrated. She also kept stressing about how all newborn litters usually have 1 or 2 kittens that are very weak or sick and usually don't make it especially once their mom abandons them. I think she was trying to prepare us in case little kitty didn't pull through. :( That night, I spent hours on the couch with him on my chest and a blanket over him to keep him warm and comfy. 

Between the meds and fluids and warm cuddles, he did get stronger by the next day and slowly, bit by bit, he started being a little more energetic and tried to walk around a little. Through this whole episode, his brother, a slightly bigger grey kitten, would cuddle him up when it was sleep time and also would fuss and look after him. Aww kitty sibling love. :) By the second week, the vet no longer mentioned anything about kittens not surviving so I think they're both going really well! :)

I very quickly became a complete slave to the kittens, well I guess I feel like a kitten mama. We chose names for them by committee. My brother-in-law and his fiancee had given them each a name, and my husband and I also chose a name for each so we combined it all up and thus little grey became Rongkus Sumcrust and little black became Sergio Rasputin. Everyone has remarked on how big their names are for such little kitties!

We've been looking after the kittens for about 3 weeks now and it's amazing how much they've grown and developed such funny little personalities. We get them for 3-4 days every week and I drop in to see them almost every other day when they're not with my husband and I. But there's still so much changes that occur from day to day. From their eating habits to their interactions with each other, it's all changing very rapidly. But they are still so very cute and sweet and loving. And it just melts me to a puddle to see them cuddling up when they go to sleep. 

Anyway, here's some photos of Sergio and Rongkus, these were taken a couple of days after the scary day where we worried that Sergio might not pull through:


Aren't they just so extremely adorable? :) I love my sleep time but I haven't even gotten the slightest bit grumpy over having to wake up every couple of hours to feed them through the night. 

I'm so happy that they're now healthy, strong and energetic. Can't wait to see what kind of funny stuff they get up to!

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