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A friend recently asked me for a few pieces of artworks for a zine that she was creating. We used to train Wing Chun Kung Fu together until she moved to Canberra, and now she trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there (I also train Jiu Jitsu here in Melbourne). Her zine was about martial arts and this was the piece that she wanted to use:

I created this piece for one of my blog posts in the Fighting Butter Bee blog and also have it available as a T-shirt design on my Red Bubble store. My friend also asked if I have 2 artworks that depicted a girl walking about oblivious to the presence of towering baddies around her and a girl performing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission on a massive guy. I looked through my drawings but couldn't find any that would suit so I offered to create the pieces for her instead. Here's what I came up with:

Oblivious Girl

Omoplata Girl

Both were created using Illustrator. There were heaps of fun to make and I was really excited to receive a copy of my friend's zine in the mail a couple of days ago with my drawings in them. :)

To be honest, I didn't even know what a zine was before this! They look like heaps of fun to make. Sure makes me feel like making one too. :)

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