Creation of The Oblivious Girl

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Last week I shared a piece of artwork that I created for my friend's zine. Today, I wanted to share a bit about the process that I went through creating it. 

When I received the brief, which was "cartoon girl walking obliviously through a landscape with towering figures looming menacingly" I had a few ideas pop up in my head right away. I thought it would be cool if the background was either a cityscape or tree lined, with the buildings/trees drawn as silhouettes but looking like you could mistake them to be scary figures. I also had a few different composition ideas of how to arrange the scene. But in the end, due to time constraints and because I figured that the final print would be quite small, I decided simple and to the point was best. 

The first step was taking out my sketchbook and pencil and coming up with a very quick and rough sketch:



Then it was time to decide what the baddies would look like. I wanted each to have a very distinct look, size and feel, basically cover all manner of stereotype baddies:


At this point in time, I actually had no clear idea on how I wanted to finish the piece, it was a choice between doing a digital painting or a vector illustration. I decided to fire up Photoshop first and get started on making a digital draft. Again I started with a very quick and dirty draft blending the composition from my first sketch above and the character designs in my second lot of sketches:


After this, I decided that I would create this piece as a vector illustration. The main reason for my decision was purely down to knowing that I work a lot faster in vector and I definitely needed to be able to work fast on this (and the second piece). So I popped this Photoshop draft into Illustrator and started fleshing out each of the characters. 


I did this for each of the characters, changing up the sizes and proportions on the fly as needed. Here's the line up just for fun:


After that, it was just a matter of adding a background, shadows, my Fighting Butter Bee watermark and voila, the image was done:

Oblivious Girl by Hooby Groovy


Hope you enjoyed this blog post about my workflow! :)

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