A Few Things I've Been Working On

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Here's a few of my recent creations and various things I've been working on:

Pandas are always a part of my schedule and 3 years on, I still love creating Pandas. :) You can get my Panda (and other animals of Hooby Groovy Land) here


One of my favourite custom designs to work on: Totoro! This one was for an 11in MacBook Air. If you'd like me to create a Totoro (or any other custom designs) for you, shoot me an email at eeleng@hoobygroovy.com!


I love Game of Thrones and am so happy that the new season has started finally! Now if only I didn't have to wait 1 week between each episode! Anyway, I doodled away at this sketch over a few days during Rongkus' 4am feeding time. This was done with my 0.05mm and 0.1mm Kuretake Zip pens.


Speaking of Rongkus, I made him a house/carrier. This is still very much just in the prototyping/R&D phase so I won't share it just yet but here's a sneak peek of both house and Rongkus. :)

And speaking of R&D, here's an example of why R&D is really important. I made this little mouse for Rongkus to play with. Originally, it was hanging by its woolly tail from a stick. Rongkus loved it but as soon as he caught it, he would start gnawing on the tail. It only lasted about 3 days before the tail snapped teaching me an important lesson of how anything cat-related needs to be chew-resistant! All is not lost though, Rongkus still loves his green mouse, he bats it all across the floor. I shudder to imagine what it would be like if we ever get visited by a real mouse. 

I'm also in the middle of few other customs and more R&D and experiments so will share that in the near future!

In the meantime, Happy Easter and have a great long weekend everyone!

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