Bespoke Creation: Rainicorn and Jake A4 Compendium

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I was pretty excited when I received a request for an A4 compendium based on Adventure Time's Jake and Rainicorn. I love Adventure Time, it's so quirky and funny.

My customer had requested for a compendium to hold an A4 notebook, pockets for cards, another notebook, her phone and a pen holder. So the design for the inside part of the compendium wasn't too hard, it took a little of experimenting to put it all together but it was quite straightforward. The cover was where the challenge lay. The challenge of course being that Rainicorn is so very, very loooooong! 

I thought it would be cool to have Rainicorn wrapping around the back of the compendium and thus using her as the closure tab. My customer was happy with this suggestion and I went ahead with designing it. 

Then came the second challenge: Rainicorn was way too loooooong! I had at first envisioned that she would wrap around the back and end up with her feet in the front. But when I was trying to turn this into an embroidery file, I realised that she was way too long for my machine. So I had to make her shorter which actually worked out quite well because it kept the front of the compendium neater and more focus would be on Jake and Rainicorn's head, instead of having her feet randomly floating about. Even so, she still had to be embroidered in 2 pieces: her head and her body. 

I had at first envisioned the front cover to be a solid grey colour for the background but my customer requested for a green or blue background. I suggested maybe having hills and a sky and she was happy with that. I'm so happy that she requested for a non-grey background, because it definitely brightened up the design and made it feel very Adventure Time!

Anyway, here's the Rainicorn and Jake A4 Compendium:


Overall, this was probably one of my more complex creations but I'm happy with the way it turned out. I anticipated many things would go wrong but happily this was one of those magical times when everything just came together and there were no major mishaps. 

If you would like me to create a bespoke creation for you, email me at and let me know what you have in mind!


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Illustration: Elsa from Frozen

Illustration: Tales of Snakes by The Grimm Brothers

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