Illustration: Elsa from Frozen

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I told my oldest sister that I wanted to make a picture and asked her what I should draw and she replied with "Olaf, Elsa and Anna". My nieces are Frozen crazy at the moment. :) I have a video of a niece singing Let It Go, not one word was wrong and best of all, she even had all the props and actions down pat. Like a glove to take off at the right time in the song, and a sarong wrapped around her as a cloak, also to be released at the right time. 

Anyway, I thought it would be a good subject to practice my Illustrator skills so I created Elsa in Illustrator. Specifically I was learning up how to use gradients to colour up a character, especially to get shadows and makeup right for faces. After finishing Elsa, I wanted to take a break from Illustrator so I decided to paint a background for her in Photoshop. I found a picture reference of the mountain that her castle was on and decided to use it to practice my Photoshop painting skills. The background was quite a speedy job as I wanted to finish this up quickly. 

Here's my picture:

I learnt a lot doing this piece, specifically about faces and shapes of facial features. It was fun to work on, though ended up feeling quite sombre and solemn. And cold but that's what I was going for. ;)

I desaturated Elsa down a fair bit in the final piece so she would fit into the cold blue background more but here's how she was originally:

Hope you like my Elsa piece and have a wonderful Friday! :)

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