A Day Out with the Panda of Hooby Groovy Land

Posted on May 10, 2011 by eelengchang | 1 Comment

The Baby Panda of Hooby Groovy Land is a rare and extremely groovy species of the panda family. Like many other animals of Hooby Groovy Land, the Panda loves nothing more than to spend the day in the city, chill out in parks and generally have a relaxing day out with its owner. 

Here's a rare sighting of a Baby Panda of Hooby Groovy Land out and about on its day-to-day activities.


Panda loves reading time, especially when its about the great masterpieces at the National Gallery of Victoria


Panda loves to dance, just put on any upbeat song and Panda will start busting some sweet moves


 Too much dancing for now! Time for some relaxing tunes and a peaceful nap in the park. 


 As the sun sets, Panda loves to head indoors for a refreshing Bubble Tea. In winter, Panda swaps Bubble Tea for hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course!


Dinner time! What's on the menu tonight, Panda?


So, as you can see, Panda is a really fun companion to hang out with. Pandas love their owners and are always happy doing anything, as long as they get to spend time with their owners.

You can adopt a Panda of Hooby Groovy Land right here


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June 10, 2011

Love it. Nice marketing shots. Foonky hooby groovy hoopy froody.

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