Perfect Teeny-Tiny Homes

Posted on May 12, 2011 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

Some of the best designs come about from having to abide to very strict parameters or limitations. In the case of these next two videos, the limitations come in the form of space. Here are 2 videos of 2 very tiny apartments, one is in Barcelona and one in Hong Kong.






I love how both have managed to take these really tiny places and turned the space not only into a fully-featured home with everything you'd need for day-to-day living, but that the end result looks extremely beautiful, cosy and even spacious! And I like how you can really see that a lot of thought goes into each design feature, about how it would work to make the place really liveable and functional. 

There are many big, beautiful houses with gorgeous architecture and interiors. But I think its so much more inspirational to have the same level of gorgeousness in an itty-bitty little space!

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