Alice in Wonderland Easter Tea Party

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I wanted to have a special Easter weekend this year and so, I proposed a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens and not just any picnic, an Alice in Wonderland themed picnic where everyone had to pick a character and dress up. My lovely guests went for the idea and everyone got busy creating their costumes. I decided to take on the Cheshire Cat, who in my opinion is the most wonderful character in the story. I think he's the sanest of all Wonderland inhabitants and I think he knows that and uses it for his own goals. Which of course is to cause as much mischief as possible!

For my costume, I bought a cheap dress that had black and white stripes and dyed it pink. I found an awesome pink stripey fabric and used that to create a nice, stuffed tail. I also found cheap cat ears at a party shop but they had silver and very blingy bits so I covered the silver and bling up with pink felt. Stripey tights and my favourite furry winter boots completed my look. 

We attracted quite a few stares and points as we walked into the park. One group of tourists from China decided amongst themselves that we must be from some kind of show! Everyone went all the way with their costumes, which I think is the only way to go for a proper Alice in Wonderland Easter Tea Party! 

Here are some photos of us decked out as Wonderlanders:

The guests: The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, Alice, The Queen of Hearts and her loyal card soldier and The Cheshire Cat


Cheshire Cat feeling right at home in a tree, luckily no need for any fire brigade to save this kitty coming down!


Alice needs some good sound Wonderland-style advice


Hanging out with The Mad Hatter and a cup of tea of course


Down the rabbit-hole


Lovely instax photos to immortalise the day forever


We had a really awesome picnic, I wish we'd taken photos of our actual picnic spread. There were sandwiches, cupcakes, fairy bread, breadsticks and dip, dolmades, and of course lots of tea and tea cups. Actually there were more tea and tea cups than hot water to actually make much of that tea drinkable...

All in all, super fun picnic with the loveliest company. Now, what should the theme be for Easter 2012?

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