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Posted on May 31, 2011 by eelengchang | 2 Comments

It all started with "I love you" cards, an invention by my  niece and previously unheard of by me. And they certainly were excellent "I love you" cards, complete with envelope and hand drawn stamps and of course many "I love you"s. I thought at the time, what a sweet and selfless kid. Unfortunately, I didn't realise "I love you" cards had a caveat, I had to give something back. 

Being someone who comes up with grand plans and almost zero execution, I did the mistake of promising that I'd crochet her a cat, instead of drawing a simple "I love you" card in return. I even generously asked her to pick the colour out and she wanted purple. I didn't even know how to crochet! Thanks to some awesome friends, I picked up the bare minimum that I needed to get me started on the cat.

After a couple of months, as I was thinking I could slack off the cat because surely a 4 year old would have forgotten by now, I received urgent SMSes saying that she was asking after her cat daily! Stress ensued and I was cursing at the "Stupid Purple Cat" daily as my fingers forgot how to feel anything after getting prodded with a crochet hook for countless hours per night. 

I finished the cat just in time to enter it into a Lincraft Photo Competition the day before sending it to my niece. The competition called for a photo of the cat in a creative pose. We spent a day out with the cat, mostly in Melbourne Central's Community Kitchen Garden since we wanted a bit of nature in the photo and it was a yucky, rainy day outside. 

Here's some photos of the cat that I named "Stupid Purple Cat":





When we got home that night, I wasn't satisfied with our lot of photos and decided to have a thinking session in the most sacred of thinking areas, the shower room. I don't sing, but I sure do think! Many a grand scheme have I hatched in there. After my thinking session, I dug around and uncovered some...dragons! And voila, here's the entry for the Lincraft Photo Competition:


A couple of days later, while "Stupid Purple Cat" was safely in a box enroute to a whole other continent to be delivered into the hands of the kid with the longest attention span that I know of, we heard the news! Our photo had won the competition! Stupid Purple Cat was now dragon-catching, prize-winning cat. 

Of course, now that it is with its rightful owner, it also has the more permanent but no-less-obvious name "Purply". And after seeing this photo of Purply with its owner, the name "Stupid Purple Cat" really is dead and buried:

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June 22, 2011

Hehe, thanks! It was really a labour of love! Nothing but super love for my niece could have finished this cat. Some parts were really tough, the ears, tail, they were so tiny!

Mei Sze
Mei Sze

June 22, 2011

Awwwwwww..so darn cute!!! I should have my toys do creative poses too…! And congrats…Really love the cat in purple..heehe

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