Ending Soon: $45 Panda iPad Case Launch Sale

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The launch sale for the Panda from Hooby Groovy Land iPad Case finishes at the end of tomorrow, 22nd June 2011  (UTC+10:00)!

Order your adorable Panda iPad Case here today for the launch price of $44.95. (Usual price: $54.95)

Here's a lowdown on the case: 


  • It will fit an iPad, iPad 2, iPad 2 with its Smart Cover on, and other similar sized devices
  • Constructed using high quality 2mm felt
  • Pocket on the back for pens, CDs, notebooks etc
  • Closure on the top to prevent your iPad from slipping out.
  • Panda paws have hook and loops tape on them, so you can open Panda's arms and secure your earphones when not in use
  • There is an opening at the bottom so you can charge your iPad with its USB cable while still in the case.


Also, if you would like this in any other sizes (for example a Kindle, Nook, etc), send me an email at eeleng@hoobygroovy.com and I'll be happy to make it for you. And if you're after an iPhone-sized Panda, there's already one in the shop here

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