2012 Resolution #2 and Ninjas Spotted in Chinatown!

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Chen-Po Sun | 0 Comments

Resolution #2: Expand my Hooby Groovy collection

So many ideas and designs floating in my brain, just wanting to get out into the physical world. Well, this year I mean to seriously focus on expanding my Hooby Groovy collection. I definitely want more variety in my products and I want to take myself further into the realms of being a designer.

I feel like my first year of Hooby Groovy was mainly about keeping on top of my orders and so through that I learnt to work more efficiently and developed manufacturing techniques that would help me. While production processes is a thing that I'm going to have to constantly evolve and improve, I think I'm in a position where I am fairly efficient enough to be able to keep on top of my orders and also devote the time needed to develop new products. 

And with that, let me give you a sneak peek of my new Ninja Collection! :)

This collection is still under development and will be launched in my Hooby Groovy store in February. It will include cases for iPhones, iPads and 13" MacBooks. Be sure to drop by the store in February to check them out!


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