Culinary Adventures in Malaysia

Posted on February 08, 2012 by eelengchang | 2 Comments

I'm back in Melbourne and Hooby Groovy is open once again. It's been a wonderful 2.5 weeks in Malaysia, lots of family time and catching up with friends. And way too much poop talk from my little nieces and nephews (they're coming into that lovely young age where toilet jokes start being the best things in life). And of course, wonderful, wonderful food.

Some culinary adventures and memories of this trip:

- Mangosteens! Normally, the mangosteen season comes around in the middle of the year and since I always visit at the start of the year, its been years since I've been able to savour my favourite fruit. But this year, the weather's gone completely bonkers and Malaysia had 2 mangosteen seasons, meaning many a nights of pigging out on mangosteens. :D


- Eating the world's second hottest chilli: the Trinidad Scorpion. My brother-in-law recently started growing these insanely hot chillies and he brought some over. One night, my crazy brother-in-law suggested that we should all eat a tiny bit of that chilli. And so for some stupid reason, we agreed to take this chilli dare and would all eat a tiny sliver of it, chew it for at least 10 seconds before swallowing it and then see what reaction we would have. I can handle my chillies pretty well but wow, this was the spiciest, most painful thing I've ever eaten! First few chews and for almost a minute I managed to keep the spicyness contained on one part of my tongue, but then it spread...and spread...and all I can say is, I'm glad my mum is super pedantic about having a huge supply of boiled water ready for drinking! My dad took a video of it, I've been banned from uploading it ;) but it's the funniest thing watching 6 extremely stupid adults quietly chewing this chilli around a kitchen table and then get reduced to crying, sweating, drinking cup after cup of water and having bits of lips or tongues swell from the spicyness! I've never heard my parents laugh so hard and I wonder what they must now think of their incredibly stupid daughters and sons-in-law.


- Helping with Chinese New Year's Eve family reunion dinner, namely my mum's annual 'Joo Hoo Char', which is a kind of Hokkien mixed with Nyonya style dish (I believe). It involved a whole lot of preparation and my sister and I spent hours gossipping while finely slicing what felt like a million turnips and carrots. My main duty was slicing the turnips and I got super dissed for not slicing it finely enough. :p Still it was good fun learning how to make this dish, and it's so much work that I'll comfortably wait once a year to eat it when my mum makes it. :p


- And once again, Chinese New Year cookies! I've mentioned in my previous post my love for Chinese New Year cookies, namely Kueh Bang Kek. Here's another favourite: 'Kueh Kah Pek' or also known as Love Letters. These are thin and crispy and absolutely yummy.

In summary, it was a mighty fine Chinese New Year holiday! :)

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February 09, 2012

Oh yeah! I should look for those photos :) Kueh-ee is always fun, good ol' fashioned family time and it's funny how the kids always get banned from helping after a while :p

Cheh cheh
Cheh cheh

February 09, 2012

You forgot aboutt putting the whole clan through the mess of kueh-ee a month after having gone through it.

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