The Angry Ninjas Have Invaded Hooby Groovy Land!!

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After weeks of espionage, the Angry Ninjas have finally made their move and invaded Hooby Groovy Land!

These three very skilled and very Angry Ninjas are the right kind of Ninjas you want fighting on your side. *They're a deadly trio and prone to flipping out and dealing massive destruction.

First up we have the Papa Bear of the Angry Ninjas, the Angry Ninja 13in MacBook Case!



Weighing in at 125gms, this Giant Angry Ninja is a force to be reckoned with! He's all about strength and power. You don't want to be making this Angry Ninja any angrier because he'll seriously ground and pound you! 


Next up, we have the Mama Bear of the Angry Ninjas, the Angry Ninja iPad Case!


Weighing in at 75 gms, this Angry Ninja is a lean, mean fighting machine. She's fast, packs a mean punch and has a deadly arsenal of ninja weapons at her disposal** and she's not afraid to use them!


And last but definitely not least, we have the Baby Bear of the Angry Ninjas, the Angry Ninja iPhone Case!


Weighing in at a stealthy 25 gms, this little Angry Ninja is like lightning! You'll think its all beautiful clear skies and then BAM! Speed and agility makes this Angry Ninja a little bad-ass you don't want to be messing with.


They're here to stay and they sure are ANGRY!! So be sure to check them out at the Hooby Groovy store!



*They're pretty angry but actual flipping out is quite rare.

**Angry Ninja iPad Case doesn't actually come with weapons but by all means go ahead and equip her with some ninja stars. I'm not liable for the damages she might dole out!

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