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I wanted to blog about something very important today, and that's about Hypothyroidism and my friend Kate Inabinet. Kate and I used to be colleagues back when I worked at Bluetongue Entertainment. For a long time, we were cubicle buddies when I (as budding Associate Project Manager) got stuffed into a cubicle full of these crazy animators. Kate's an awesome friend, co-worker, animator, mum, just all-round awesome person and she's suffering from Hypothyroidism.

I'll admit that I haven't a single clue about Hypothyroidism, actually never heard of it until one day Kate sent out an appeal regarding a new regulation that's about to be introduced in Australia that will ban the medication that she urgently needs to combat this.

She's doing all that she can to prevent that from happening and has started Hello Thyroid, a not-for-profit information and support site in order to educate and raise awareness about the humble little thyroid and why we need to keep it safe and healthy. 

In order to support the web hosting as well as the purchase of medical journals and research to keep the site going with relevant and important information, Kate's raising funds by selling iPhone cases and artwork on Red Bubble

"Cloudy with a chance of...anything" Wall Art


Raising Hope iPhone Case

Please do check out Hello Thyroid on Red Bubble and give your support to her cause. 

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