Auction Rooms and Lux Bites

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I had an absolutely sinful, over-indulgent day today, filled with wonderful, wonderful food. A friend was visiting from overseas and we had a girls day out. When I say "out" I mean "in", we basically spent the day sitting and chatting at two cafes. 

The first was lunch at Auction Rooms, located in North Melbourne. I'm kicking myself for not taking any photos of the interior. It has a wonderful warehouse feel that's really bright and airy. Recycled industrial materials make up for much of its decor (such as recycled pipes as long, hanging lamps, and exposed ducting throughout) but its made up in such a way that the whole atmosphere is cosy and cheerful. I've got a thing for old warehouses and would kill to have a space like that to set up home/office in. 

I had a latte and a roasted pork belly with fried poached eggs. The pork belly was really yummy, especially the crispy skin!


Then it was onto Toorak Road and Lux Bites. This time I did take the time to photograph the interior, another really lovely shop; white, bright and cute: my current favourite interior theme. 


Prettiest of them all were the desserts! With Valentine's Day just passed, Lux Bites were still stocking Love-themed desserts. We tried 3 big macaron style desserts: Endless Love, Summer Love and Supersize Love, as well as a few of the traditional-sized macarons. There were some really interesting flavours that we couldn't resist trying: Kaya Toast, Ribena Lemonade, PB & J and Bamboo Oolong Tea. My favourite was the PB & J, which was lightly salted and also the Kaya Toast which had a lovely sliver of butter to really bring back memories of eating Kaya Toast for brekkie in Malaysia. 


Its not enough that their shop and dessert looks pretty, even their teas looked pretty:



I definitely recommend both Auction Rooms and Lux Bites if you're in Melbourne City. Both were fairly reasonably priced, the foods were delicious and each had a different but equally beautiful space.

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