Daily Sketch: 風 - 6 Mar 2012

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Hero was on TV last night, which made me very happy indeed! I love martial arts movies, especially one on such a grand epic scale like Hero. And I grew up watching Jet Li movies so all up, I would probably say Hero is one of my favourite movies ever. 


If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it! The story is interesting, the action sequences are beautifully choreographed, the locations are epic and the set designs and costumes are gorgeous. Even though its 10 years old, it still looks amazing (unlike *cough* Storm Warriors). 

But what I like especially is the little nods to the actual history of China and the first Emperor. Chinese history (super old history especially) is really interesting to me and it was sort of a dream come true to visit all these amazing historical relics in China on our recent trip. I'll share some of my favourite photos that we took of these places soon!

* The title of today's sketch 風 translates to wind. :) 

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