Custom Creations: Eeyore Camera Pouch

Posted on March 07, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 2 Comments

I recently completed a custom request for a camera pouch. My customer found my pictures of the Yoshi Instax Camera Case that I previously created for another customer and asked if I could do one of her favourite character Eeyore. I have to admit that my first instinct was doubt. I spent a lot of time staring at picture after picture of Eeyore in Google image search. I thought he was too much of a 3D donkey shape, how was I supposed to get that down to camera case proportions?? It was a real mind block moment at the time and I was hesistant to give my customer a positive answer.

But after thinking about it for a while, I found that I really wanted to try anyway so I accepted the request and set about squaring Eeyore out. After all, Yoshi is dinosaur shaped so how different could it be to square out a donkey?? As it turned out, not too different after all. :) 



The main challenge of this case was Eeyore's eyes. It was very difficult to get that just-right depressed Eeyore look, I went through quite a big pile of eye cutouts. Eeyore went from being sleepy, to stoned, to downright suicidal. I needed just that fine balance where he's slightly depressed, resigned but at the drop of a hat could also look somewhat uplifted. He's quite a complex character! I also noticed something new about myself during this process. I realised that in order to achieve a certain expression on a character that I was trying to create, I had to put my eyes into that same expression. I don't have to look into a mirror or anything, I just have to put move my eyes in the way I would if I was angry or depressed or whatever and somehow my hand could recreate that same feel, whether with a scissors or pencil. So all through this process, I had been trying to look at a picture and then cut the felt however that picture looked like and it just wasn't coming out right! And then I started drooping my eyes down as if I was being emo and then voila! Eeyore was sharing that same feeling with me. It was a weird revelation! (Or maybe its a really natural human thing to do that and I only just noticed it ;p.)

I didn't photograph the inside of the case, but there's also a padded compartment separator sewn in because my customer had asked for enough space for her camera and a spare camera battery. I figured it probably wouldn't be good to store both camera and battery together in case the camera gets scratched or bumps into the battery lots so I created a small space for the battery. 

I also added drawstrings on the sides of the opening so that the tightness of the case could be adjusted. When not pulled tight, the case is able to fit a camera (I was trying it out with my Fujifilm X100 and my customer's camera is the same size as that), a spare camera battery and still have space to fit in a thick camera strap or some other little accessories, even a purse or phone. When pulled tight, the fit is snugger around the camera and battery. 



I really enjoyed making this case, Eeyore is one of my favourite Winnie the Pooh characters and I hope I've done him justice! And I just realised I haven't seen the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie yet! I shall go a-hunting for the DVD now. 

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March 07, 2012

i want this so badly for my little niece ! is there any option to get this one from you?


March 07, 2012

Hi! Sure, I can make make a custom one for you too. Please email me at and let me know more details on what you would like. For example, for which camera or device and what features you would like and then we can discuss it further! :)

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