Daily Sketch: Splatter - 8 Mar 2012

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Sketchbook Pro for iPad was on sale for $0.99 today, which was too good a deal to pass up on. So I decided to have a go at sketching on my iPad. I found it to be really difficult! My finger gets way too wobbly and I can't do any nice smooth lines. Hence the decision to go for this style of sketchy sketch, instead of my usual style. 

I thought I'd continue on with the martial arts theme of my last Daily Sketch, and I was trying to go ninja initially due to my love of all things ninja. But actually, there's nothing really ninja-ish about this girl after all. Ninja Fail!


As for the app itself, well I'm no expert on iPad drawing apps, this would be the first I've ever tried to use properly to produce something other than squiqqly lines. But I did find it to be very good. I've only got the first generation iPad, but the app doesn't chug at all (only when using the Paint Bucket function to colour the entire screen did it take a bit of time to process). Drawing was responsive and the multi finger gestures to bring up various menus worked quite intuitively.

The only one thing I found to be a bit annoying was that when using multiple fingers, I had to start off with my fingers slightly further apart that what I'm normally used to on an iOS device. For example, as usual you use 2 fingers to move and zoom in and out. But if my 2 fingers were slightly too close together, the app registered this as a single finger instead and so I ended up having all these drawing lines that I then had to erase. Another little peeve was that I wish there was an easier way to switch my brush to an eraser instead of having to bring up the brush menu all the time. But all these little things are just a matter of getting used to the app I think. 

I was particularly impressed with the ability to export in PSD format. So that's how I ended up getting it onto my computer; exporting the PSD via Dropbox. Looks like there's a whole heap of other functions to play with so I'll definitely be trying these out in the future. I think I'll swap between digital sketches and analog (??) sketches for my Daily Sketch. I like the idea of filling up my little sketchbook and it sure is a lot easier drawing with physical pens and erasers! But it'd be great and convenient to get better at drawing on my iPad too. :)

If you're looking for a good drawing app for your iPad, might as well grab Sketchbook Pro now while it's on sale!

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