Daily Sketch: Mail - 20 Mar 2012

Posted on March 21, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

The parcel delivery guy is both my arch nemesis and my BFF. I love getting things in the mail and if they come in a parcel that's too big to fit in the mail box, even better because it's probably not a bill. However, parcels always seem to come at that very sleepy time in the morning about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off and when I'm in the very deepest sleep. Sort of like I subconsciously know I only have 10 minutes of snooze left and want to squeeze every ounce of sleep out of every remaining minute. Sometimes, the fact that the postman robbed me of my precious last 10 minutes makes me want to spite the world back by oversleeping. 

Anyway, so I've been in a bit of a drawing block lately. I think I'm playing too much Draw Something and that's where all my drawing juices have gone to. So I thought I'd draw a self-portrait of myself this morning when a big box of material arrived. Sometimes I wonder what my delivery confirmation signature must look like...



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