Daily Sketch: Warrior - 21 Mar 2012

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In my spare time, I train in Wing Chun Kung Fu. One of my training 'partner' is a dear old Wooden Dummy. Our Si-Fu always tells us, a Wooden Dummy is your best training partner because you can hit it as hard as you like and it doesn't get hurt. BUT WHAT IF IT DOES???

Speaking of getting hurt, I busted my second finger on my right hand today :'(. Second finger? Or first? I don't know, the one that points without being rude. I'm finding it a bit hard to type and use a pencil. Everytime I get some injury to some minor part of my body, I always feel amazement at discovering how essential that part of my body is to my life in general. Once I sprained my second toe on my left foot and discovered how much my second toe contributed towards keeping my fluffly MyMelody bedroom slippers on my foot. And I've really come to realise that getting older sucks! Major injuries used to go away in a couple of days. Nowadays, one slightly over-extended something or other takes months and months to heal. Man, I feel so old!

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