I Need Some Pandas to Un-Gloom This Weather!

Posted on March 26, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

The weather in Melbourne is finally turning from summer into autumn, only about 1 month late. We've had a couple of days of really scary 90kmh winds howling around the apartment last week and there last few days have been really dreary and drizzly. I prefer my autumns to be cold but sunny, this just feels like depressing spring. :(

I reckon there's nothing better to help with cold, dreary thoughts than Pandas! Just looking at them makes me feel warm and happy. :) So here's a couple of my favourite Panda photos that we took on our visit to Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding and Research Centre last year:


I could spend hours just watching these sleepy baby pandas crawl and roll around!


I think some of them just had a bath, look at how white and fluffy they are!!! <3


I think I'd be too scared of falling to sleep comfortably in a tree but looking at this Giant Panda makes me wanna give it a go and have a really nice, lazy nap.

When they're not sleeping, they're sitting back and eating. What an awesome life!


And here's my little Panda warmer for today.


I don't normally collect Starbucks mugs but I really couldn't resist this one at the Starbucks near our hotel in Chengdu. 

If you're suffering from weather gloom like me, I hope these photos have cheered you right up! Or if its your iPad that's feeling cold, you can warm it up with a Hooby Groovy Panda iPad Case! ;)


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