New Product: Panda from Hooby Groovy Land 13" MacBook Case

Posted on March 27, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

Please welcome a new family member to the Panda Collection! The Panda 13" MacBook Case is now available at the Hooby Groovy shop


This case will fit both the 13" MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, or any other 13" laptops that are of a similar size. 


As with its other Panda siblings, this supersized Panda is hand-crafted out of high quality 2mm felt. 


It's got a handy back pocket for storing cables, notebooks, pens, iPad, and various other little necessities.  There's also a closure tab on the top with hook and loops tape to secure your MacBook within the case.


Hook and loops tape on its paws means you can use it for hugging your cables when not in use.



The Panda 13" MacBook Case is available here. If you'd like this Panda case for any other devices, do contact me at and I can make you a custom-sized one too. 

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