Daily Sketch: Snooze - 30 Mar 2012

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I'm having a very sleepy day today. The postman woke me up while I was in my REM sleep so I woke up extremely disoriented and its made me sleepier in general. So my brain is particularly useless today because it keeps thinking of sleeping so I thought I'd channel it to where it wants to go with these 3 quick sketches. 

I don't think I'll ever get too old to disassociate that a soft squishy pillow and a cuddly teddy bear = super nice sleepy time


I've spent today listening to one of my favourite composers, Joe Hisaishi and his soundtracks for various Ghibli movies, which tend to all be very peaceful and beautiful pieces of music. Probably not helping with waking me up, I think it's probably lulling me into that nice, peaceful sleepy mood more. 


This is pretty much a self portrait of me back in the 90s after school. I used to have an afternoon nap every day while trying to study. It used to always be on my History textbook too. Interestingly, I'm not too bad at History and actually remember a whole lot of history that I learned in school. So maybe sleeping on textbooks helps with absorbing knowledge via osmosis or something like that!

I'm off to get a cup of coffee and hopefully that will help! Hope all of you have a more wakeful Friday than I am and have a lovely weekend!


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