Daily Sketch: Easter - 5 Apr 2012

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I've been crazy busy lately and have neglected my Daily Sketch a fair bit! :( I actually doodled this on Monday but didn't get around to finishing it up in ink until today. Originally, the real bunny was holding out a carrot but as Easter weekend begins tomorrow, I thought an Easter Egg would work better for the occasion. 


So, I have much hopes for Easter weekend! I have so many things to do and I think inevitably I'm going to realise that the weekend isn't really as long as I'm imagining it to be right now. The main focus for this weekend is to finish up a very exciting project that I'll be sharing with you next week. Other than that, I'm planning on learning how to use Adobe Illustrator for yet another super exciting project that is not mine but I'm helping with it and will also be sharing with you in a couple of weeks. On top of that, I'll be spending time working on a logo for one of my best friend's wedding, which I am still amazed and really touched that she's trusting me with it! And of course, fulfilling all my current orders. Wow, just writing that list has made me feel a bit overwhelmed. Ah well, humans don't really need sleep right? ;)

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