Daily Sketch: Love II - 17 Apr 2012

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So I've started watching Vampire Diaries and in between enjoying the obviously female-targeted eye-candy selection of characters, I also always giggle at the premise of these vampire romance stories. So, there's always a non-vampire girl who falls in love with a vampire (these Romeo vampires are always "good", non human killing vampires that have led oh-such-a-tortured life due to their wanting to be good). Said vampire on the other hand, also loves the girl but at the same time super-duper wants to nom on her. I don't know about anyone else, but I've never really looked at a scrumptious looking deep fried piece of KFC and think "That's my soul mate right there." Though, a bowl of noodles on the other hand...hmm...


If you haven't watched Vampire Diaries before, the vampire that the main character is in love with only drinks animal blood and therefore goes out hunting for animals to drink. I also assume he's super duper rich because he'd only have to set up a $100 term deposit and imagine all the interest he'd get over the century! So what I don't understand is, why hasn't he set up a farm already to easily acquire his supply of animal blood? 

Speaking of food love, I can see some yummy dinner flirting with me to go on a date with it right now. Nom nom...

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