Daily Sketch: Laundry - 18 Apr 2012

Posted on April 18, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

I thought I'd continue with the vampire theme as for some weird reason I was wondering about how vampires do basic daytime chores. Like going to the bank or the post office. Or trying to accomplish anything at any government insitution. Or hanging up their laundry if they don't have a dryer. 


While I like the thought and idea behind this sketch and had a very vivid picture of it in my brain, I'm not happy with my execution. :( I think its all that shadowing that I'm really bad at doing. And I couldn't think of any other way to depict bright sunlight except with sunflowers haha! So, definitely not one of my favourite sketches. 

Also, it occured to me that a vampire can't ever just go out and get McDonald's breakfast on a whim! Eternal life and all that suddenly doesn't sound like such a good trade off for the simple little pleasures in life...

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