Possum Hunting

Posted on April 20, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

We visited Carlton Gardens tonight for a short walk and a good ol' bout of possum hunting. I love Carlton Gardens, and mostly because it is pretty much a certainty that I get to see possums everytime I go there at night. And tonight, there were so many of them out to play! I think I probably saw about 20 and I was only walking down one short path. 

I guess they're really used to people because one came right up to me while I was squatting to try to take a close up photo of it and it bumped its nose against my knee! A while later, another came up and gave my shoe a nibble! They don't seem to be afraid of bright lights either, I thought my autofocus light would freak them out but they're just as calm and curious as ever. 

I always get tempted to try and pat one but the cowardly wuss in me keeps imagining getting bitten and contracting rabies. 

I only managed to get one clear photo tonight due to the extreme dark and possums not willing to stay super still for 1 second or more. :p


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