Shuriken Chicken: A Games for Gummie and Hooby Groovy Collaboration

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For the past few months, I've been working collaboratively with local Melbourne independent game developer Games for Gummie on their first iPhone title: Shuriken Chicken. I was enlisted to help with concepting and creating the characters for the game. The graphics would be created by photographing actual physical models of the characters and then put in the game. And so, besides designing the characters, I also hand cut and created the characters out of felt.

I was really excited to be a part of the development of Shuriken Chicken. I do miss working in the games development industry and being apart of a team to create a video game and this time around, I was able to dabble in the art side of games development, a very big break from my previous experiences of project management so it was doubly exciting for me. 

I'm going to blog in detail about the character design/creation process in a later post but for now, I just wanted to tell everyone about Shuriken Chicken, which is now available on the App Store!



So, you get to play as Shuriken Chicken, a ninja-star-wielding chicken hell bent on running as far through the land as he can. On the way, you'll encounter obstacles that you'll have to jump over or slide under. Ninja baddies come at you too so you'll have to shuriken them out of your way. The controls are simple; slide up to jump, slide down to slide and tap on where you want to shoot a shuriken at. There are shuriken power-ups to collect on the way to help you out against the relentless baddies, such as laser shurikens or triple shot shurikens. You can also collect extra lives to help prolong your journey. 






Shuriken Chicken connects to Game Centre too and you can upload your high scores to the leaderboards and try to beat your friends and the world, as well as unlock over 30 achievements. 

As I said before, all in-game graphics are created in felt! I designed and then handcut the different assets out of felt and then they were photographed and converted for use in game. Truly a hand-made game indeed! ;)

Check out the trailer of the game: 



Do check out Shuriken Chicken on the App Store! And try to beat my high score on Game Centre ;)! Though it will be quite an easy feat actually :( *sigh*.

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