A New Workshop Companion

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Yesterday, I got myself a new little companion to accompany me while I'm working at my workshop. It's a little African Violet plant and I have grand plans for it. Starting with trying to keep it alive!


I definitely have very, very little confidence when it comes to gardening, I'm a total Garden Noob. When I was very young, my mum tried to encourage me to learn and love gardening and it went well at first. I fed my first crop of beansprouts to my tortoise, convinced that my hard work was the only reason dear Tot-Tot went on living. Luckily, my mum wasn't quite so deluded as me and kept a healthy supply of watercress in the fridge for him. Later on, I proudly produced a couple of spring onions grown from my own little personal pot in the garden. But alas, all that wonderful, simple happiness came to an end when one day while checking in on my latest crop of spring onion, I discovered a yucky dead lizard in the pot! Thus ended my interest whatsoever of going near plants ever again. 

In recent years, my only foray into the world of gardening has been helping out with clearing up weeds in my mother-in-law's garden so my only recent gardening experiences has all been about killing plants rather then growing them. 

When I first envisioned my own workshop, I always did imagine a beautiful pot of flowers somewhere around to brighten up the room. So finally, when I saw African Violets on sale at Woolworths yesterday, I decided to take the plunge. Maybe I won't feel so bad killing a plant if I only paid $5 for it...something like that went through my mind. :p

Today, I got a nicer, bigger pot for it and a saucer because I read I should just have water in the saucer and the plant will take care of keeping itself watered, rather than directly watering it. Though throughout the day, I kept looking at it and thinking surely it needs more water! But my husband made me leave it alone because we read that the main cause of death for African Violets was over-watering it.

I also cut off one of the leaves and planted that in a little pot, apparently it can grow into a whole new plant from that! It will be very cool if I succeed in growing a whole new plant!


I spent ages thinking of where to put it too to make sure it would get enough sun. The tag on the plant told me that it should be put in a well-lit window and it can't get direct sun. That to me sounds a bit contradictory! Anyway, I finally decided that it will live on the floor next to the sliding doors where it will get the morning sun. 



Speaking about gardens and all things nature-like, on Friday I somewhat saved a bird. I was hanging up my jacket on the coathook next to the door, when I heard some sounds and saw wings flapping from under the main house. I went to investigate and there was a bird that got trapped in the gap under the sliding door of the main house. It seemed like it flew and smacked right into the glass and fell into that gap. There were some shoes blocking its way out so I moved the shoes and it sort of limped out. I think it screwed up its leg in the hit, it was sort of wobbling and just sort of flopped down sideways after getting out. My uncle-in-law and I debated quite a while over what to do! We took it out to the garden thinking maybe if it sees the garden, it would fly off or at least give it some sun but it didn't want to go anywhere and the weather was rainy too so we didn't want to leave it out in the open. So we put it on the floor of the garage and it just sort of stood there for ages. I was really worried it would just drop dead but I think it was mainly in shock. We thought after a while, we would see if we could find it something to eat or drink. But after about 10 minutes of standing there, it suddenly regained its composure and flew off! :)



I'm glad it recovered and could fly off. :) Though a part of me was also hoping that maybe somehow I had magically got myself a friendly pet bird to keep my company at work. :(


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