Daily Sketch: My Mum Has Mad Skills - 13 May 2012

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Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! I wanted to draw something mother-related and my first idea was ducks after seeing a row of rubber ducks on the side of the bathtub. But then, I thought that I really don't know what duck mums are like and I wanted today's sketch to be more personal. 

So I thought about all my childhood memories with my mum and thought I'd draw some poignant memory picture. There was a time, for a few years where both my elder sisters were studying overseas and I was the only child left in the house so I had to take on many new household chores. One was following my mum to the market and helping with carrying groceries. So every couple of times a week, she would pick me up from school and we'd head to the market. I hated those days with a vengeance!!!

If you've never been to an asian wet market, it is wet and smelly and slippery and dirty. And through my childhood of following my mum to the markets, I actually had many nightmares about slipping and falling onto the wet floors of the market. So everytime I'm there, I walk really, really carefully. I watch the ground like a hawk, pick a safe spot to put my foot and then make sure I'm fully stable on that foot before lifting my other foot. Very, very slow work as you'd expect. Almost snail like during the times when my school shoes were worn out and naturally slippery on their own. 

My mum however, she'd just power through, weaving through the crowds, dodging the splashes of water from the fishmongers, and all this in flip flops. If you liken the wet and slippery fishmonger aisle to a highway with fast flowing traffic, my mum is the punk teenage driver that just got himself a driver's licence and a car with a turbocharger. I however, would be the little old lady in the vintage piece of junk driving at 15km/hr while hogging 2 lanes. 

When I was young, I thought her awesome market manouvering skills were due to age. But now that I'm much older, I'm pretty sure its something that kicks in from all that childbirthing hormones. I certainly still harbour that extreme market floor fear but if I ever become a mother, maybe the love for my children and the need to feed them good nutritious food will transform me into the Road Runner of asian markets. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! I love you very much but I still hate going to the market with you. :p


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