A Bling Photoshoot

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Last week, I got a chance to help out in a "Bling" photoshoot. My husband needed to get some portraits done for his photography portfolio and wanted a look that featured lots of bling and makeup. Right up my alley, because I love bling and I love makeup. :) My first thoughts went to clubbing but beyond the word clubbing, I drew a blank because I don't go clubbing, don't own clubbing clothes and don't really know what clubbing makeup is. So I analysed why and when I like bling and I realised that it was when (and because) it was over the top but not tacky. Which led my headspace into thinking about Marie Antoinette and about being so decadent to the point of over-indulgence. And I knew that's the way I wanted to go with this look. 

So basically, I wanted a look whereby I would have heaps of jewelry piled on and over the top makeup too. But I didn't want to take it too far that it would look tacky. For the short amount of time that I had to prepare and also the non-existent pre-prepare time, I think I managed to achieve what I set out to do. If I had more time (and hair or a wig), I would have like to attempt a sort of modern Marie Antoinette style hair. Or prepare a fancier garment. Alas, I had to just make do with what I had on hand at home. Luckily, I do have a fair amount of very chunky and quite blingy jewelry and blingy false lashes. 


♥ Bling ♥


I really do admire all those beauty bloggers out there who do this kinda thing on a really regular basis and come up with the most amazing looks. My tiny attempt took almost an entire night to do. If I were to push it fully, I would have needed way more time! Hair, nails, costume and way more planning, thoughts and trials into the makeup and jewelry. Its a lot of work and dedication so I really do kowtow to all you beauty bloggers out there!

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