Cow Abduct!: A Games for Gummie and Hooby Groovy Collaboration

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Once again, I got a chance to work with the brilliant Games for Gummie on another iPhone game! This time, it's a cute, simple game called Cow Abduct! And it is available for free on the App Store so if you have an iPhone, do check it out! :)


Instead of cutting characters out of felt, this time around was more traditional game art. There were 3 main assets that I needed to create: the UFO, the cows and the birds. I started out with heaps of rough concepts which I then showed to Games for Gummie to get feedback and direction:



Once the look of the cows/birds/UFO was okayed, I'd draw up the final version and ink it. Then I scanned it and coloured it up in Photoshop. 


We decided to go for a cute, cartoony, colour-blocked kind of look. As in the case of Shuriken Chicken, the assets appear really small on the iPhone screen so again, I had to rely on obvious shapes and simple colours to make the assets pop and look like what they're meant to look like. My favourite were the birds:


The other assets I had to make were feathers and smoke to be used as particles for when a bird was shot or when the UFO goes down. So watch out for those too in the game! :)

Anyway, here's what the game looks like:


And here's what its all about, as taken from the App Store Description:

Peter the Martian has travelled to Earth in his trusty UFO to do some scientific research. But, he has just found out that he miscalculated the amount of fuel he would burn in Earth's atmosphere. His UFO is running out of fuel fast, but luckily, he has discovered that he can fuel his UFO with cows!!

Help Peter keep his UFO in the air as long as possible by abducting cows to keep his fuel level up. Be careful of those pesky birds though, zap them before they hit Peter's UFO or they will drain some fuel on impact.

Gameplay is simple, yet so fun! Press and hold a cow to abduct it, and tap birds to zap them out of the sky. Compete with friends, and the world with Game Center leader board support and see who can keep Peter the Martian in the air as long as possible!

Cow Abduct! is advertising supported.
You can disable advertising by supporting indie game developer Games for Gummie with an in-app purchase.


At the moment, I'm #4 on the Game Center Leaderboards, which I'm rather proud of. :) Do check out Cow Abduct! and let me know what you think of it and see if you can beat my best time of 2:12:13! ;)

And if you haven't yet had a look at the first game collaboration that I did with Games for Gummie, check that out too, it's called Shuriken Chicken and it's also out on App Store right now!

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