Custom Creations: Eeyore Phone Case

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As I mentioned before, I recently had quite a few custom requests and one was for an Eeyore Phone Case. Specifically Baby Eeyore, who is a bit less depressed than normal Eeyore. 

The challenge of this particular design was the size. Being a phone case, all of Eeyore's features had to be tiny. Which was fine for all except the eyes and nose holes. Try as I might, I could not cut and sew felt pieces that were that tiny! 

Luckily at the time, one of my friends recently began accepting commissions for hand-crafted My Little Pony plushes and as I was looking at photos of her creations, it dawned on me that I didn't need to use felt for the eyes, I could embroider it on. (By the way, if you're a fan of My Little Pony, definitely check out her deviantArt page, I'm not a fan but her My Little Pony plush toys are awesome!)

Of course, when the idea occurred to me, I was up in the clouds and was thinking positive thoughts and 100% certain that it would just work. When I came back down to earth, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to embroider and didn't even know if my machine could embroider. A tiny little bit of research later told me that I didn't actually have the tools necessary to make this job easy. So I had to just try to embroider free-hand with my machine. 

This meant an entire day of trying to embroider little eyes and nose holes on scrap pieces of felt to figure out how to do it. It was really hard! The problem was that there are 2 eyes and 2 nose holes and almost impossible to get them exactly the same. I tried it over and over and tried to count how many stitches I needed at what widths. Finally I had to finish it up with hand sewing to get it more symmetrical. 


The photo above is of the case after machine-embroidering but before hand-sewing. I think it worked out alright! Here's what the back looks like:


My favourite part of this design is the tail! :) 

I'm glad I took on this challenge, it allowed me to try out something completely new and has given me more ideas for future designs too. 

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