Daily Sketch: Common Interests - 6 June 2012

Posted on June 06, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

My cardio of choice is skipping and while doing said skipping, it got me thinking about which demographics seem to be most known to do skipping: little girls and big tough boxers! :D I can't think of any other demographics that are more different than that!

That realisation amused me a fair bit and so that's what influenced my sketch for today:

Going back to skipping, if you're looking for a good cardio workout, I can't recommend skipping enough! It's a good workout, all you need is a skipping rope and a bit of space. Best thing for me is that I can do it indoors, which is super useful now that Melbourne has decided to give us a very wet and cold winter. In your face, Running! :p

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