Of Things Gone Wrong, A Song of Ice and Fire and A Super Sneaky Peek

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Just wanted to do a quick update for this week. It's been a week of things going wrong, horrible weather and a whole lot of reading. 

I've been having a tough couple of days where nothing seems to be going the way it should. Firstly, my computer decided to play up by not connecting to the internet, and then decided to piss me off further by deciding not to connect to my mouse and keyboard. All seems well now, though I'm watching my Wi-Fi signal icon on my taskbar like a hawk! It's all being a bit wonky lately. And though my work is primarily non-computery, having my computer throw a hissy fit at me ended up in a whole lot of wasted time and grumpiness. 

Then to top it off, I discovered today that an entire shipment of material was the wrong colour! Just when I really needed it too! Though I spent most of the day in a very unproductive grumbly mood, now that I'm rested and fed (wow, that just made me sound like a horse! lol) I can honestly say that I've learned a hard lesson in being more diligent. That particular shipment actually arrived about a month ago and since I didn't need it yet, I left the box unopened and unchecked. Well now to pay back for my laziness, I'll have to undergo the next few days of stress and panic and much hunting around for any misplaced pieces of the materials I need while I wait for the right-coloured materials to reach me.

But enough of untimely mistakes and problems! I've also been spending the last week (and the past few weeks actually) deep in the pages of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, the books that the very awesome Game of Thrones TV series are based on. I'm currently on the fourth book, The Feast of Crows and if I don't get to the latest book soon, I'm going to turn into a very sleepy zombie. I was reading the second book while the second season of the TV series was on and had a huge debate with myself about whether or not to keep the TV series ahead of the books or vice versa. However, when my book-reading caught up to the latest episode, I couldn't help myself and had to keep going! Luckily, it really didn't spoil the TV series at all.

I'm loving the books, though getting terribly confused with all the different families and factions. I guess that's what happens when I'm trying so hard to continue reading through the night when my brain says "Go to sleep!" It's a little easier to do because I'm reading it on my iPad so everytime I doze off, the iPad falls and whacks me on the face. These days, my favourite thing to say is "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" to my husband with a superior look on my face because I know what's going to happen next in the story and he doesn't! :)

Anyway, this being a Hooby Groovy blog and also because I always like having a photo or picture to share with all of you, I thought I'd share a sneak peek of my next design:



This sneaky design will be available in my shop soon and I'll be able to expose its secrets to you very, very soon!

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