My Little Hooby Groovy Pony by CasseminaPie

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In a recent post, I mentioned CasseminaPie's awesome My Little Pony plushes and now I'm super stoked to be able to introduce you to my very own My Little Hooby Groovy Pony. Actually I gave her a super long-winded name which I'd actually forgotten but luckily it was saved on a chat history. So please say Hullo to....:

Princess Hooby Groovity Rainbow Sparkle Pie!


On one side, she's got Swell Stitch Monster as her 'cutie mark'. And on the other she's got Hooby Groovy:

When I saw CasseminaPie's creations, I wanted a pony immediately despite not actually being a My Little Pony fan. I just thought the plushes were so amazingly cute and well-made! So when I was asked what pony I would like, besides saying "Umm, I want my Hooby Groovy logo as its tramp stamp" (Yes, yes, I know now that its not called a tramp stamp, its called a 'cutie mark'), I was stumped.

So I did my research and immediately was drawn to a purple maned pony called Rarity. I read up her description and thought that she would be a perfect pony to stamp my Hooby Groovy logo on! I learnt that Rarity is a fashion designer with her own boutique. I would love to be a fashion designer with  my own boutique too. ;) And she has a natural talent for martial arts. I too would love a natural talent for martial arts :D. So basically Rarity is everything I want to be too! Though to be honest, I only really picked up on the words fashion designer and martial arts while skimming, so I'm not entirely sure she's really everything I want to be...but I know she does magic, so I'd love that too!

If you are a My Little Pony fan, I highly recommend you check out CasseminaPie's deviantart page. Her creations are just beautiful! The fabrics used are lovely and the workmanship is superb and so much variety and techniques employed in the making of the ponies. My pony has a posable tail and mane!!  :D CasseminaPie accepts commissions so do contact her if you would like your very own awesome pony. 

In the meantime, I now have a Pony! A very stereotypical but very real life goal fulfilled! :)

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