Shuriken Chicken Update: New Baddies Concepts

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Shuriken Chicken recently got an update, which includes being able to post your scores to Facebook/Twitter as well as 2 new levels. One is a snowy blizzard level and the other is an underground cave level. When the levels themes came up, it was back to the drawing board for me to concept up new baddies. 

For the classic level, the first enemy I concepted and created were the magical ninjas that hold up barriers and power-ups. When concepting the rest of the Classic enemies, I wanted to keep their look consistent, so it would seem as if Shuriken Chicken was fighting the same evil clan, even though they came in zombie, robot, rocket and magical ninja forms. To do this, I utilised the same kind of shapes and silhouettes for them, the triangular hats, trapezoid-like bodies and cloaks and evil eyes. Here's some concepts that I drafted for the Classic enemies:


When it came to the underground cave level, I was quite stumped for awhile. I kept thinking of what animals live underground and thought of a mole and for days on end I kept trying to concept baddies based on a mole but it wasn't getting anywhere fast. Finally, I changed my way of thinking and thought of mining and tunnelling instead. I thought that creatures that lived underground would need a means of tunnelling through the ground, and that made me think of drills used for tunnelling and so I came up with a range of Drill Baddies:


As you can see, I've also learnt how to be neater about my concepting ;). Finally, the baddies chosen were the Drill Bats, Drill Rats (in their mining kart) and Drill-a-Roo (my own fancy names for them). 

Here's the Drill Bats and Drill Rats in action:


It was really fun to re-enter the world of Shuriken Chicken once again and come up with new foes for him to shoot down or jump over. :) Please do check out Shuriken Chicken on the App Store and let me know what you think of my new baddies! For more Shuriken Chicken news, you can follow developer Games for Gummie on Twitter or on Facebook. There's another game in the wraps right now so stay tuned!

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