New Product: Raccoon from Hooby Groovy Land iPad Case

Posted on July 03, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

A new friend has just moved into Hooby Groovy Land! Please welcome a new addition to the Animals of Hooby Groovy Land Collection: Mr Raccoon! This super sneaky fellow crept up on his fellow animals out of nowhere! 


Don't be fooled by his cat burglar mask though, his burglary days are at an end and these days, all Raccoon wants to do is protect your iPad! Be it the iPad 1, iPad 2 or the new iPad or even any other similar sized devices, Raccoon is there for you!

And protect your iPad, he certainly will! With his sneaky closure tab, he'll make sure he keeps your iPad snugly within his protection. The closure tab is secured by hook and loops tape.



Raccoon is also a pretty loving soul, his paws are always ready to hug your iPad cables when not in use. Paws are secured by hook and loops tape. 


Raccoon has a useful pocket on the back too for notebooks, pens, CDs or any other bits and pieces you want to carry around. 


To make his mark in Hooby Groovy Land, Raccoon wants to atone for his burglary past by launching with a sale! For the next 2 weeks until 18th July 2012, all cases that are part of the Animals of Hooby Groovy Land Collection will be discounted by $10!! This Collection includes the Panda iPad Case, 13" MacBook Case and iPhone Case, the Pig iPad Case and of course this new Raccoon iPad Case!

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