Custom Creations: Pinkie Pie Kindle Case

Posted on July 28, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 2 Comments

Maker of my awesome My Little Hooby Groovy Pony, CasseminaPie recently commissioned me to create a Pinkie Pie Kindle Case for her Kindle Touch. 

The creation of this case really taught me the importance of stepping back from a design and taking a break from it to be able to see it in a different light. I'd been so caught up in my own Hooby Groovy designs that when I received this request, I immediately sprang into how to translate Pinkie Pie into something that fit in the mold of my other animal cases. Pony, panda, they're all about the same right? ;p It quickly became apparent that I really could not have that same kind of design, with pony arms and feet, while maintaining the look of My Little Pony. So I switched to thinking about just using Pinkie Pie's face for the case. I was so stuck on just wanting her face so I tried various ways of getting her round face to fit a rectangular device, mostly be enlarging it and making it a bit more oval. 

At first I was happy with the way it turned out, until the morning that I was preparing the digital files needed for the embroidery of Pinkie Pie's face features and cutie mark. You see, I'd been working on Pinkie Pie's design using Photoshop as I knew I would need her eyes/nose/mouth/cutie mark to be in a digital file. And I'd never used a computer before to prepare pattern templates. I knew that what I was seeing on screen was not actually indicative of the actual size but because I was so focused on proportions and how it looks, its actual physical size just escaped my attention altogether. 

I printed out my design so I could have the pattern to cut the fabric out with and then quickly realised it did not fit on an A4 paper. My first thought was that my printer or photoshop was trying to resize it wrongly because a Kindle Touch is tiny, about half the size of an iPad. And then I thought I'd check it with a rough cutout of the Kindle's dimensions that I'd prepared earlier and to my horror, the actual size of my design was actually bigger than an iPad!

Of course, it was to do with trying to get a rectangular shape to fit within a round shape, thereby resulting in a super big round shape. I'd known it was going to be bigger than the Kindle but didn't realise it was that much bigger. Really silly of me, now that I can look at it in retrospect!

I went into slumpy depressed mode where I started thinking how it's just impossible! A Kindle just CANNOT fit into a pony! Luckily, I had a myriad of other custom orders to work on at the same time so I switched to working on those for a while to clear my brain of ponies. 

And that break was really well-needed because I just really needed to clear my head of how the pony's face was round and the Kindle isn't. My revelation came in a couple of days and it was just the simplest, most obvious solution! Instead of enlarging a circle to fit a rectangle inside of it, shrink the circle so it fits into the rectangle, d'uh!! 

Fixing my problem in this way also fixed a secondary problem, which was how to make her mane look more significant. I was initially just going to have a one-sided curly fringe on the front and a one-sided curly mane down the back. Now I could have both and also have her 'mane' surround her face, thus giving her mane a fuller look. Fixing my size solution actually gave me a much, much better design than my original idea. 

Here's the comparison of my previous design on the left, compared to my new design on the right:


And here's the finished product:



One new experience for me during the creation of this case was machine embroidery! After my very difficult attempt at using my non-embroidery sewing machine to embroider the eyes on the Eeyore Case, I knew my machine just could not cut it for this job! I borrowed my friend's embroidery machine and I'm definitely determined to get my own now! The results are just so good. Felt cutouts could never be even half as good as embroidery for this level of detail!



 I'm really happy with how this turned out! So much new experiences and lessons packed into one neat little Kindle Case (which very nearly went all wrong and could have turned out to be a gigantic laptop sized case!)

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September 02, 2012

OhmiGosh! That case looks perfect! I am amazed just by the glittler portrayed in the eyes. I am enjoying seeing where you're heading. I am very proud of you. Can't wait to see more of your creations as time goes by. It only gets better and better. You're heading far.Kind regards,Lydia


September 03, 2012

Thanks Lydia!! :) I've recently finished a few more custom creations that I'll be posting about soon. :D

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