Michelle Phan's Make Up Masterclass at Myer Melbourne

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I've been following Michelle Phan's Youtube channel for a long time now and was pretty excited when I heard that she would be presenting a Makeup Masterclass at Myer Melbourne for Lancome. I made sure to get myself a ticket as soon as they were released. 

So, the event was last night and it was held in Mural Hall in Myer Melbourne CBD. I'm glad I got my hands on tickets early, because the crowd was huge! This is one of very few times in my life that I remembered to bring a camera along with me so I've got some photos to share:

The stage is set and the audience is kept busy with free copies of Myer's Emporium magazine and of course instagramming and tweeting their excitement while waiting for Michelle Phan to appear. Well, that's what I did anyway ;).


Once the host for the evening had hyped up the crowd sufficiently, cue Stage Right and enter Michelle Phan! As you can see, everyone's as keen as myself to photograph the entrance of this Make Up Megastar. :)


Michelle Phan was rocking a McQueen dress for the night, right off the shelves of Myer Melbourne. This segment of the event wasn't so much a Masterclass, I felt it was more of an interview. Interesting nonetheless and to be honest it would be a lot easier learning makeup tips from Michelle Phan through her Youtube videos anyway, rather than in this setting. So I'm glad it was something a bit more personal, though I do wish it was longer and more in-depth.


After the stage interview segment was over, it was photo and product presentation time! Everyone got a chance to have their photo taken with Michelle Phan, so there was a queue going for that. While waiting, everyone had a chance to view and play around with Lancome products. As this was a Lancome event, naturally there were booths set up around Mural Hall with Lancome reps ready to demonstrate and offer advice on their products. The booths were separated into Eyes, Lips and Complexion, the main focus of Lancome's latest collection. 


The makeup stations on the stage were also open for play and more Lancome makeup artists ready to offer mini makeovers.


I wasn't a big fan of the loud music playing in Mural Hall and I felt that the Lancome counters downstairs would be a nicer, less stressful environment to ask questions about Lancome products if I wanted to so I  headed straight into the photo queue. It sure was a long queue since everyone at the event would surely want a chance to meet and share a photo moment with Michelle personally. But it was also quite a fast-moving queue with the organisers efficiently moving people down the line, snap snap and then moving on. 


All photos were uploaded to Lancome Australia's Facebook page and here's mine! It was cool that I got to meet Michelle Phan in person. I'd have love to have more than 1 minute to actually talk to her properly but oh well, hopefully in the future! 


Everyone in the audience got a little Lancome goodie bag at the end of the evening. I was especially happy with the mini Hypnose mascara since that's my usual brand of mascara! :)

I'm not a beauty blogger, to be honest I can rarely get eyeliner on straight in less than 5 tries. I certainly don't aspire to be a beauty blogger because the thought of me trying to teach other people how to wear make up gives me the lols. But I do admire Michelle Phan a lot because of what she's accomplished. To have that kind of self-confidence, dedication and discipline to do the work that she's doing is really tough and I think those are all admirable qualities and it inspires me to try to achieve my goals too in the same way. And by that I mean working towards having that same kind of self-confidence, dedication and discipline...not being a beauty blogger, still lolling at that idea!

So anyway, it was a fun night, I got to meet someone that I admire and who inspires me and I got to have an experience to share with all of you! :) 

And I also got a $50 voucher that I could use to finally get my hands on Lancome's Doll Lash mascara, which I just redeemed today and already super loving the mascara!

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August 06, 2012

Hi Dioni, it was fun but I wish I got a chance to talk more to her and pick her brain about being an entrepreneur and building her brand so well.ps: Michelle Phan said she liked my coat too! :)


August 05, 2012

Hey eeleng! Lucky you, got to meet Michelle Phan! I've been following her videos for a while too. While I don't usually wear much make-up, I like watching her videos, and sometimes use a tip or two. I admire her accomplishments too – what a great job she has done. ps: love your coat in the picture :)

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