New Product: Bear from Hooby Groovy Land iPad Case

Posted on August 08, 2012 by eelengchang | 0 Comments

Hot on the heels of the Raccoon iPad Case, another friendly animal has decided to join in the fun and games of Hooby Groovy Land. This time, its the cute and cuddly Mr. Bear!

This new Hooby Groovy member is a little bit like his Panda pal in personality. Laid-back and enjoys dilly-dallying about, but he's so cute that you'll bear with his slow and placid ways. (Get it? bear with a bear?? :P)

His hobby is keeping your iPad snug and warm, be it an iPad 1, iPad 2, new iPad and he's generous enough to share his affections with your Apple Smart Cover too, so you don't ever have to choose one or the other.


Bear keeps your iPad safely within with a closure tab, secured with hook and loop tape.


There's a handy back pocket useful for storing cables, notebooks, pens, etc. 


Bear also enjoys giving cuddles so luckily he's equipped with handy paws that open wide and cen be secured together with hook and loop tape. Perfect for winding earphones or charger cables when not in use. 


As with all the other Animals of Hooby Groovy Land, Bear is created by hand using thick, high quality 2mm felt.

So be sure to drop by the Hooby Groovy shop and say hullo to Bear from Hooby Groovy Land!

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