What's in the Name?

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Back in August 2010 when the thought of my own brand occurred to me, I had that big dilemma of what to call it. I'm not good with naming things, most of my soft toys are named with a formula of Name = Colour + Animal. To change it up, sometimes I call a soft toy a bunny when its actually a bear! Like Blue Bunny, which is actually a bear that's blue! Whooooaaaa...


Anyway, I knew I definitely wanted a name that would mean something to me as well as reflect the spirit of my designs. So I chose Hooby Groovy! So where did the name come from? Short answer: The Hoobs! If you haven't heard of The Hoobs, it's an excellent children's show by The Jim Henson Company, creator of The Muppets. Basically, The Hoobs are a race of (I guess) aliens from Hoobland that have journeyed to Earth to learn about Earth. There are 3 main characters, Iver, Groove and Tula who travel around on the Hoob Mobile (powered by the singing of the Motorettes) to learn about the world. Hubba-Hubba is the Hoob back on Hoobland that they contact every episode to report on what they learn and Roma is another Hoob that travels the world separately to learn things too. 

One of the best parts of The Hoobs is their little phrases, for example Hooble-tooble-doo to mean "Bye" and Hoobacious for fantastic. And Hoobygalooby for Wow! When I first heard that, I misheard it as Hooby Groovy and that word just really stayed with me!

So why choose it for my brand? Well for one thing, its such a fun word that I really liked! A more practical reason was that I already had an email account with that name so I figured I could use that email for the brand. More importantly, I think Hooby Groovy just really encompasses what I want my brand and business and life to be about. Just hearing the word conjures up feelings of fun and laid-backness and wonderment to me.


Most of all, it was the philosophy behind The Hoobs that really spoke to me, and that's all about learning! Discovering new things and learning about the world, I really like that! One of my favourite things to do is just think about something, anything and just go read up about it on Wikipedia. For example, I recently learnt that hedgehogs are somewhat immune to snake venom. There are so many fascinating things around us in the world and I firmly believe that it's never a waste of time to learn about anything, whatever it is and no matter how irrelevant it is to my own life. 

My Hooby Groovy journey has definitely been about learning. Right from the start, from how to sew to how to design, how to set up shop to how to set up a website. As I tackle new designs, new ideas, new requests, I learn more and more about so many things. 

Running a small business, especially one as tiny as Hooby Groovy is really tough! There's always way more work than time and never any certainty that what I'm doing is the right thing or whether my business will just fall flat on its face at any second. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rush and routine of trying not to drown in this big, big world of brands and products. So, every now and then, it's very refreshing to take a step back and remember all the awesome things about running a small business and a lot of that has to do with the multitude of things I've learnt in the past 2 years! So no matter the setbacks or failures or low points I've had on this journey, there was and still is always something new to learn. And I'm glad that I have the name Hooby Groovy to remind me of that! :)

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