Custom Creations: Hello Kitty 13" MacBook Case

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Ee-Leng Chang | 0 Comments

I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan so I was especially excited and a bit nervous when tasked with a custom request for a Hello Kitty Case for a 13" MacBook Pro.

The design part of this case was very straightforward. At first, I thought about putting on arms (in line with my Animals Collection designs) but it just didn't work well with Hello Kitty. Besides the little bow on the side on Hello Kitty's head, the most defining feature of Hello Kitty is her shape and proportion. Putting on arms and trying to get that to fit into a rectangular shape would have blown her proportions to bits. So I thought I would be better off keeping it simple. 





Actually the biggest challenge I faced for this custom creation was embroidering Hello Kitty's facial features (eyes, nose and whiskers) and it was purely a machine challenge! I'd just gotten myself an embroidery machine and this was my first time using it. And as soon as I started using it, the upper threads kept breaking! It took me 3 days and a LOT of thread and fabric to investigate why it was doing that! I'm not experienced in embroidery or embroidery machines so it took a fair bit of research. There were so many factors that come into play that could cause the upper thread to break so it was a matter of systematically experimenting by changing each factor at a time to narrow down why this was happening. It was a major headache! But in a way, it's also good because it got me to learn how to use my machine really quickly and about all the little bits and pieces I could tweak. 

Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out! :) And once I completed it and before sending it to its new owner, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the case with my own Hello Kitty collection:

Its so much bigger than all my little Hello Kitty toys, it made me think of Godzilla! :p And speaking of my love of all things Hello Kitty, I'll have to remember to share some photos of my visit to Sanrio Puroland in another post! :) 

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