Eyeballz the Zombie iPad Case: A Sight For Sore Eyes

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Eyeballz was the looker and the look-out for the gang. Perfect teeth, soul-piercing eyes that you could drown in, he really had it all in the looks department. His eyes weren't just pretty though, they were sharp! Eyeballz was always on the look-out for any signs of trouble. Many near scrapes were avoided thanks to the keen eyes of Eyeballz.

Well, he may have seen it coming, but there was no way he could stop the Zombie Apocalypse. No one stood a chance...

And by the end of it, there he was. Barely any teeth and his beautiful eyes forever and painfully gone. 

Devastation struck and drove Eyeballz insane. He needed revenge and answers and blood. Stumbling blindly into the night, Eyeballz and his mates found themselves in Hooby Groovy Land where they ran across one of its protectors. 

It was unfortunate...but it happened...

Though Eyeballz couldn't see what he and his mates had done, something in him stirred and he 'saw' clearer than ever before. He saw a clear path, a bright future and a beautiful chance for him to redeem his actions and get over his loss. 

Stirred by this new sense of inner sight, Eyeballz now looks towards a future of care and companionship towards iPads and their owners. Truly a noble goal for any inhabitant of Hooby Groovy Land. 



Help Eyeballz fulfill his new duties as an iPad carer! He might not be able to keep an eye on your iPad, but he's perfectly capable of taking care of it!

Eyeballz the Zombie iPad Case is available from Etsy and Young Republic.

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