Brainz the Zombie iPad Case: He's a No-Brainer

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In every gang, there's always the smart one, and Brainz certainly was the brains of the operation. Rumour has it that countless government agencies have been hunting him down for years, keen on harnessing some of that immense brain power. Unfortunately for them, Brainz has always easily out-witted them all. 

But smarts, even in its abundance as it was in Brainz's brains couldn't quite match the mindless hunger and savagery that ensued when the Zombie Apocalypse hit...

With his head reeling in the aftermath, Brainz mindlessly made his way to Hooby Groovy land with his mates.

And then, they came across a lone Hooby Groovy Land inhabitant...

Brainz should have known better really. Well, he should have but he couldn't have, not with his brains slowly leaking out. But Brainz didn't need brains to feel horror and disgust. Remorse nearly drove him out of his mind. Luckily he didn't have much mind left to be driven out of.

After much thought (well, it wasn't much but it sure was a hard effort), Brainz knew that the one thing left for him was to regain control of his life and put it to good use. Nowadays, Brainz spends his days as a doer, rather than a thinker. What does he do? Only the most honourable thing there is: taking care of iPads. From time to time, he still laments the loss of his brilliant mind. The fact that it keeps slowly leaking out is a constant reminder. But he's still got enough of it left to be a good and thoughtful iPad carer. 

Help Brainz reinvent his life as an iPad carer. He might have trouble holding his own in an intellectual debate but his thoughts will always be filled with caring for your iPad.

Brainz the Zombie iPad Case is available at Etsy and Young Republic.

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