Shinobi the Zombie iPad Case: (un)Deadlier than Ever!

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'Twas a dark and cold night. The ideal kind of night for ninja duty. Shinobi moved silently across the rooftops the streets, blending in so well in the shadows that if not for the steely glint of his angry eyes, he was practically invisible. 

Word was out, zombies had been sighted within the borders of Hooby Groovy Land. Shinobi was alert and he was angry! No one was going to invade Hooby Groovy Land and cause harm on his watch!

A crash! Lightning fast, Shinobi jumped down into the alley to investigate. Alas, he hadn't counted on jumping right into the midst of 3 zombies! He quickly got into his fighting stance and then he saw it...the hunger, the madness, the sheer desperation burnt right into the eyes of the zombies. 

Shinobi knew that by himself, he couldn't take down 3 zombies in their current state. He did the only thing he could, he fled to gather more ninjas. The zombies gave chase, they were stumbling madly along but they were operating on pure instinctive hunger. Shinobi's speed was no match for it, he was caught!

Down on the ground, he glanced one last time at the stars and then he closed his eyes, ready for the end. 

Everything felt odd when he finally woke up. His senses were sharper and he could move faster. And the anger was gone. All that was left was this deep, deep hunger. He looked around. The 3 zombies that attacked him were there. But instead of the crazy hunger that he saw in them before, he saw their remorse and guilt. Shinobi felt pity for them, he could understand why they did what they did. 

He got up and did the best thing he could do as a member of Hooby Groovy Land. He welcomed them into the land and resolved to help them find a new, better path forwards. As for himself, well he had always been a protector and he would keep on being a protector. Of iPads.


Help Shinobi re-adjust to his new life as a zombie. The anger in his eyes might have been extinguished, but he's dead fierce about protecting your iPad all the same!

Shinobi the Zombie iPad Case is available for purchase from Etsy and Young Republic


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